Cyrillic website addresses best for an outdoor advertising

The expert in domain Industry Mr Andrey Savelev gave us his opinion based on his experience and work with the end-users in the interview made on the RIF+KIB 2014, Moscow, Russia.

.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН: First, thank you for your time! Please, introduce yourself and the company you work for?
Andrey Savelev: My name is Andrey Savelev . One of my projects is ООО “ДОМЕНЫ.РФ” (Ltd “Domains.rf”). It is a new company on the .РФ and .RU domains market. Our website is easy to remember with the domain name ДОМЕНЫ.РФ  and also you can find us on
Our mission is the development of the Russian domains .рф and .ru by assisting in purchasing of beautiful and easy to remember domain names and by the support of a very profitable affiliate program!

.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН: Does your company have experience in creating of a Web content? And talking about the name of the website, do you think that the Cyrillic compete with the Latin language?
Andrey Savelev: Yes, we have a number of websites with Cyrillic domains, such as the website “лед.рф” (ice.rf). Almost all requests in the search engines are entered in Cyrillic, so if the domain name matches the query, the website has more chances to be on the top. It is very convenient to collect traffic creating small (but interesting) websites with Cyrillic domains that correspond to the needs of low or average requests. Be sure - you’ll be on the first place in this request!

.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН: What, in your opinion, are the advantages of the Internet in Cyrillic?
Andrey Savelev: There are many advantages. Some of them are presented here.
Of course there are disadvantages too. An example is the absence of mail (though I believe that it is not necessary in Cyrillic), moreover not all browsers and CMC programs can understand the new Cyrillic domains, SEO specialist hate it and so on. But I suppose, the advantages are much more. One of the most important is the placing of Cyrillic websites’ addresses in outdoor advertising. Driving and locking by peripheral vision the billboards, the websites in Cyrillic domains deposited easily in memory, on the other side the Latin websites domains that we are used to are extremely difficult to remember.

.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН: What advice would you give a person who chooses to create a website with Cyrillic domain?
Andrey Savelev: Of course, you should buy a beautiful and easy to remember Cyrillic domain, which will be the foundation of your business!

.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН: What do you think about the new Cyrillic domains .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН?
Andrey Savelev: It is too early to talk about these areas, but it is already clear that every day the number of its registrations is growing. If each of the domains will gather at least 70 000-80 000 domain names for a year, then it will be good prospects. The main advantage of these domains, in my opinion, is the fact that when you search by engine the relevant to the address website the search engine will give a priority to this site. By the way, I have registered several domains, one of which спасибо.онлайн (trasl. thankyou.onlaine)


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН: Спасибо.онлайн to you as well!

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