CyrillicDomains on Startup Weekend Varna

Ever wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur?
Now we know the best kick for that.

Last weekend from May 29 till 1 June the domains .сайт and .онлайн were one of the sponsors of the unusual event - StartUp Weekend Varna. Held for a second time in the sea capital of Bulgaria - Varna it had again an unforgettable atmosphere filled with new ideas, rivalries and cheerful mood.
Why should you definitely attend next time? Basically, the people are coming together for a weekend long workshops to pitch ideas, form teams and start companies. The 54′s hours creation, coding, designing and market validation finishes with a presentation in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback. So, here you can:

  • find sponsors for your idea;
  • find a co-founder,
  • learn new skills,
  • find out what is to be in the shoes of an entrepreneur!

Of course the best of the best are awarded. This year the best prepared and presented idea selected by the jury was “Device Web Varna”. Follow their example and see their leader’s presentation here:

In its turn the Cyrillic domains .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН contributed to the diversification of the participants with a fun game where no one left without a gift. The participants had to choose between some of our ideas for domains, ideas on the same topic - #StartUp. The most used ones were: (this is translation) Iamlookingforsponsor, thereisnosuchthingasimpossible, myselfie. With fun accessories (Boxing Gloves, Pirate Hat, Big Pink Glasses etc.), smiles and #CyrllicDomains in hands we took pictures of them.

This Amazing Event giving so many opportunities to the young entrepreneurs fulfilled us with so much Energy and Enthusiasm! Definitely we will be there again next year! And you?

*see more photos from our game on our facebook page

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