Living in a fairy tale - домовой.онлайн

Have you ever thought that the world around us fills more and more with the miracles of our children’s fairy tales. Modified copies of a flying carpet are every day flying it the sky. It is not clew but the navigator helps us not to lost the way and instead of asking the magic mirror we ask the Internet. The magic becomes a reality and today we introduce you one more miracle – the modern House-elf  (rus. “домовой»)!

Домовой.онлайн (tr. — no, this is not a website for fairy tales, this is the newest technology advance which allows you to turn your house into a self-regulating system.
Maybe you have heard about the technology “Smart House”? This is a wireless management and control of all systems in your house no matter where you are. “Smart House” helps you to reduce significantly the energy cost, other resources and a variety of sensors caring on the safety at home during your absence and inform you of all accidents. Not surprisingly, it seems that you have a good spirit in your house, the spirit which you can completely rely on.

This website offers you a wide range of devices needed to create safe and comfortable “Smart House”. On it you can see types of offered devices, learn more about the technology of “Smart House” and debunk delusion and myths regarding this topic.

The domain name for this website wasn’t chosen just like that. The House-elf person better than any other embodies complex system of technologies that should look simple and friendly for users. The technology, which is used in the process of development of the home automatization, bases on a prospective wireless protocol Z-Wave, which is also associated with the notion ONLINE. All equipment always have to be “online” and always have to be ready for action.

In other words, if you ever dreamed of living in a fairy tale – your House-elf  is looking forward to you!

“The essence of our offer became the main point in the domain name selecting. One of our activities is the “home automation” or “smart home”. But a smart home should be always ONLINE with its owner. - says the representative of домовой.онлайн


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