.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН will take part again in the annual Internet event DOMAIN FORUM, which will take place in Sence Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria on the first Friday of December (05.12.) this year.
Domain Forum 2014 is organized in 4 PANELS that will include the most discussed topics in the Internet field, namely:
  • Impact of the new gTLDs (generic Top-Level-Domains) and Marketing, brands, services: Over 1000 New Domains are changing the nature of the domain business: the Interaction between Registries and Registrars, the growing role of specialized technical service centers, new ways of Supporting and promoting domains, new market conditions, new models of reaching the Users.
  • Multilingual Internet: among the new domains ICANN gave the opportunity to the world every community to use its own language online. So, in this panel you will have the chance to hear about the experience of representatives from Registries, managing domains in Cyrillic (as we are Cyrillic speaking country).
  • Internet Governance: this is the only event in Bulgaria where you can understand more about this so huge and important topic. We are expecting a Representative of ICANN, Representative of the Bulgarian government and the Council of Europe Representative.
Do not miss the chance to come and to expand your knowledge about Internet, Domains, Domain Market, Internet Gоvernance. Come and hear! Come and ask question! Come and share your experience!

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