NEWS: E-mail in our own language

Yesterday it was announced on the Official Gmail Blog that the issue we were fighting for so long, namely E-MAILs in OUR OWN LANGUAGE, is (almost) solved.

What does it mean?
Until now we had to use only non-accented Latin characters for signing up. But what about the people that are using non-Latin alphabets - their email address options are limited. I myself am a Bulgarian, using Cyrillic. What about me? More that 360 million people around the world are using Cyrillic. And what about Japanese, Devanagari or Arabic?


CORE’s team INTERVIEW: Neli Marcheva

“I personally can assure you that we are working a lot in order to convince companies like Google to understand us and to make the needed changes. We have a lot of meetings, calls and e-mails speaking about integration of the IDNs .”, said Neli Marcheva

Neli loves spending her free time in dance and photography. But she has at least one more side and this is her technical one. See what our Registry Operation Manager shares about her life in the office and not only…: (more…)

CORE’s team INTERVIEW: Tetiana Ivanova

“I want to point that for the people who are proud of their authenticity and culture it is very important to have domains in their own language… This is one way to help people to leave a trace in the history on their mother tongue, not to mention the fact that it gives them the opportunity to facilitate the usage of the Internet for themselves and for the visitors of their websites.”, said Tetiana Ivanova

Ukrainian in CORE: As she is our Marketing and Communications Specialist, you can imagine how many hours Tania spends on preparing for presentations, speaking with people, answering questions. But the Internet is not only her job, it is following her everywhere, see how. Here she is sharing her personal inspirations, motivations aaand some advices: (more…)

CORE’s team INTERVIEW: Christos Chrysou

“CORE must continue to develop and enrich the Cyrillic domain name space, reaching to Cyrillic speaking communities, partnering with them and allowing them to flourish.”, said Christos Chrysou

With a working history in CERN, now Chris is a developer working  part-time  for CORE’s projects. He likes experiments and learning new things in life. More about him and  his opinion from a technical perspective about domains world here: (more…)

CORE’s team INTERVIEW: Ekaterina Dureva, PM of .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН

“Over 360 million people worldwide use Cyrillic! Let us unite together to awaken the Cyrillic alphabet on the Internet.”, said Ekaterina Dureva

Katya is leading the project of the #CyrillicDomains .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН. She knows their story better than everybody else…”Inspiration” is a word that follows her everywhere.  See why… See what is the CAUSE that these new domains are supporting…See how having a Cyrillic domain is advantage for you: (more…)