EuroDIG in Sofia has started

On January 27 in Sofia, Bulgaria was held the official EuroDIG 2015 Planning Meeting. Over 50 VIPs from around the world and dozens more through the video streaming have discussed and selected the most important topics to take part in the agenda of this year’s EuroDIG.

As we mentioned in our previous post about the event, EuroDIG is a process with the key objectives discussing and sieving of the most important of the year issues related to Internet and Internet Governance, where each of you can participate.



Our team had the good fortune to be a sponsor of the second edition of Ninjapresenter, which took place last Friday (at 14:11.) in Sofia, Bulgaria. We were listening, writing down some notes and participating actively, so now we will share some advices “from the kitchen.” with you.


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН will be in demand on the Russian market

One of .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН Russian accredited registrars answered of our questions about the Russian Internet market and more specifically in the domain names area. Did you know that “the Russian language is the fifth most common language and also one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations”? See what other interesting points gave the so well-known Russian domain registrar and hosting provider REG.RU:


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН: REG.RU is one of our accredited registrars. Thank you very much for taking part in our interview. First, please, introduce yourself and tell us more about your company.

REG.RU: REG.RU — is the biggest Russian ICANN accredited domain names registrar and hosting provider. Today REG.RU serves to more than two million registered domains and offers more than 300 international domain zones. In addition, our customers have the broadest portfolio of services for business establishment and development in the network - from several kinds of websites constructors to automated Context advertising and SEO-promotion. We hold the 1-st place in the top of hosting providers in Russia. Our offices located in more than 30 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. (more…)