About our domains

Which are the advantages of registering a website-name using .САЙТ and/or .ОНЛАЙН:

  • it is written entirely in Cyrillic: therefore, for the Cyrillic-speaking countries it is easier to enter it on the keyboard and to find it on the Internet
  • it is easier to remember: веселый.сайт instead of veseliy.site, сообщение.онлайн instead of soobschenie.online
  • offline advertising: it is more attractive and recognizable at the advertising posters and banners
  • it supports all of the Cyrillic symbols, including Й, Ё, Ы, Э, І, Ї, ў
  • your Cyrillic trademark will be written on the Internet in its original form: роскоксохим.сайт instead of roskoxochem.com, аленушка.онлайн instead of aliyonushka.com
  • you can register the name of your website using one of the languages with the Cyrillic alphabet, for example Belorussian, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian
  • there are no restrictions to registration: you do not have to be a citizen or have a company in a certain country
  • .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН are among the newest domains, so many names are still available and waiting for you. The only limit is your imagination!

Where can I buy .САЙТ and/or .ОНЛАЙН?

If you want to register the name of your website using .САЙТ and/or .ОНЛАЙН, you have to contact one of