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The domain name .сайт (transl. site) is intended for wide use and oriented to the Cyrillic Internet users.

The main goals of the domain .сайт are:

  • developing and strengthening the positions of the languages on the Internet, based on Cyrillic;
  • increasing of the consumer audience and popularity of the Cyrillic websites;
  • providing the appropriate platform for developing of Internt projects in the regions handling Cyrillic.

The domain name .сайт contributes to the increasing of the popularity of IDNs, the Cyrillic alphabet and the linguistic diversity of DNS as a whole.

This domain name corresponds to the interest and the goals of the users, can be used for corporate, governmental, administrative websites, websites of different institutions, business webpages, websites devoted to cultural heritage but also to creation of unique personal websites.

Here are some examples of visibility of your domain ending with .сайт:
бизнес.сайт; кюстендил.сайт; автомобилен.сайт; училище.сайт; селски.сайт; київ.сайт

Here are some examples of visibility of your domain ending with .com:

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.сайт Registration Policy

(Version 2 effective from 2022-03-01)

1. Acceptance of CORE Registration Policy

1.1 The registration and use of .сайт domain names shall be governed and comply with:

  • a. a. The Registration Agreement provided by registrar through which the registration of your .сайт and/or .сайт domain name/s has been made;
  • b. b. This Registration Policy set forth by CORE Association (“CORE”), the Registry Operator of the .сайт TLD, which is applicable to all .сайт domain names; and
  • c. c. Any other policies mandated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) from time to time.

1.2 By applying for .сайт domain name you become a registrant (“Registrant”) and agree to be legally bound by all terms of this Registration Policy.

2. Eligibility Requirements

2.1 The .сайт domain name applied for must be a second-level domain in Cyrillic script (mainly for Belarusian, Bulgarian, Russian and Ukranian) according to the IDN Table published at

2.2 The registration and use of the domain name must be generally accepted as legitimate, as well as commensurate with the role and importance of the registered domain name. In particular CORE will not accept the registration of domains names  whose use, at CORE’s discretion, may:

  • a.i Mislead or deceive the public, for instance as to the geographical place they refer to or its relation with a Public Authority with competence over such geographic area;
  • a.ii  Take unfair advantage of the primary meaning or repute attributed by the public to the selected name; or
  • a.iii  Hamper the potential content, from a public interest perspective, for the domain name in question, keeping in mind the primary meaning of the name (i.e. whether it is descriptive or generic in nature) and/or the repute attributed by the relevant public to such name.

b. In addition, the following names will not be accepted, unless registered by the relevant Public Authoirty or with its consent:

  • b.i. Names of Public Authorities (as defined below) at any level with competence over the Cyrillic Area according to applicable local law, including clear variations and abbreviations thereof; and
  • b.ii. Names directly related to public service or public interest for which Public Authorities in the Cyrillic Area have specific responsibilities.

For the purposes of this Clause 2.2:

  • b.iii. “Cyrillic Area” means Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan. Macedonia, Montenegro, Mongolia, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and/or Uzbekistan; and
  • b.iv. “Public Authorities” means international, national, regional, local and municipal governmental authorities, including cities, counties and other governmental departments; as well as other public institutions under applicable local law (like agencies, consortiums, commissions, and other administrative divisions).

2.3 CORE may at any time reserve names from registration. Such names will be unavailable until CORE decides to release them in one of the following situations:

  • Individual request from a party proving a prior right to the name satisfying the requirements of the Registry.
  • Release of batches of names after a Registry decision. In this case the list of released names will be published in the Registry’s website and communicated to the accredited registrars in advance. The registration of such released names may be subject to specific conditions of price, eligibility or use, specified with each batch of releases.

All released names will be subject to Trademark Clearinghouse’s  Claims Services.

3. Submission to ICANN-Mandated Policies

3.1 Registrant adheres and agrees to comply with all applicable ICANN or CORE mandated policies and procedures for resolution of disputes concerning .сайт domain names. Specifically, Registrant agrees to submit to:

  • a. d. The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy adopted by ICANN, which can be found at (“UDRP”), which is incorporated into this Registration Policy by reference. UDRP Proceedings will be conducted according to the Rules available at, and the selected administrative-dispute-resolution service provider’s supplemental rules; and
  • b. a. The Uniform Rapid Suspension (“URS”) Policy and URS Procedure adopted by ICANN, which can be found at; as well as to any other dispute policies mandated by ICANN, including but not limited to expedited processes for suspension of a domain name by claims pursued by intellectual property right holders.
4. Use of .сайт domain names

4.1 Registrant represents and agrees that the registration of the domain name/s and its use will be in accordance with (i) the Registration Agreement with the Registrar; (ii) this Registration Policy; (iii) applicable statutes, laws and regulations; and (iv) any rights of third-parties, including but not limited to intellectual property rights in the broadest sense.

4.2 If Registrant allows another person to use the Registrant registered domain name and that person has not entered into the corresponding Registration Agreement, Registrant may be liable for wrongful use of Registrant’s domain name by the third party.

4.3 Registrant acknowledges and understands that a second level domain name registered under the .сайт TLD may not be used by the Registrant to offer third level domain name registrations to independent third parties as a commercial registry type service.

4.4. Registrant shall not register .сайт domain names for the purpose of trafficking in domain names for sale, resale or transfer. Furthermore, Registrant shall not enable, contribute or willingly aid any third party to achieve the said purpose.

5. Indemnification

Registrant is fully responsible for the registration and use of the registered domain name; and that shall indemnify, to the maximum extent permitted by Law, defend and hold harmless CORE, CORE’s service providers, CORE members, and CORE directors, officers and employees and agents from and against any claim, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses arising out of or relating to Registrant’s domain name registration and/or use.

6. Data Update

Registrant must immediately correct and update the registration information for the registered name during the registration term.

7. Public Interest Commitments

Registrant must not distribute malware, abusively operate botnets, phish, piracy, trademark or copyright infringement, fraudulent or deceptive practices, counterfeit, or otherwise engage in any activity contrary to any applicable law. If Registrant incurs in such activities CORE may, among other remedies, suspend Registrant’s domain name/s.

8. Reservation of Rights for Compliance

8.1 CORE and CORE accredited registrars reserve the right to, in their sole discretion, deny, suspend, cancel and/or transfer Registrant’s domain name if:

  • a. Registrant willfully provides inaccurate or unreliable contact information, or intentionally or negligently fail to promptly update it;
  • b. Registrant fails to follow the policies of use mandated by ICANN and/or this Registration Policy;
  • c. Registrant fails to respond for over fifteen (15) days to inquiries by the registrar or reseller sponsoring the registration and/or by CORE concerning the accuracy of contact information associated with Registrant’s domain name or another incidence associated to Registrant’s domain name;
  • d. Registrant or third parties reasonably appear to be engaging in illegal activity in the registration or use of the domain name;
  • e. Registrant uses the domain name to send unsolicited commercial advertisements in contradiction to either applicable laws or customary acceptable usage policies of the Internet;
  • f. Registrant’s domain name reasonably appears to be infringing upon or otherwise violate the rights of third parties;
  • g. Registrant engage in a conduct that may reasonably put CORE or CORE accredited registrars in breach of any applicable Law, governing authority, public policy or third party agreement; and/or
  • h. Law enforcement, a Court of Justice or another relevant authority requests that CORE does so.

8.2 Specifically, CORE reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel any domain name registered and/or used in violation of the eligibility requirements set forth in Clause 2 above. In case of cancellation of the domain name under this Sub-Clause 8.2, registrant’s sole remedy may be the recovery of the registry fees charged by CORE for the domain name registration, unless the registration and/or use of the cancelled domain name has been made, according to CORE, in bad faith, in which case CORE will not reimburse any registry fees.