Who wins in Bulgaria?

Yesterday, November 19th .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН had the honor to be sponsors of one of the most important events on the Internet in Bulgaria – the competition “BG Site”, organized by the “Foundation BG site”.

The contest BG Site is held for the 14th time and makes the most prestigious awards for Bulgarian web sites. It is divided in 3 stages:

  • Registration usually lasts 4 months
  • then conducts the evaluation of expert advice and
  • ends with the Award ceremony, which takes place with much fanfare.

There is also a bonus — in the day of the ceremony it is held a workshop where the experts of the industry talk about their experiences and give advices to the beginners.

Here are some useful tips that we heard yesterday:

  • create a unique web content, do not copy foreign articles and photos - Google immediately report it and did not like it;

  • write short stories, because the people do not have time to read long articles, but the title should be able to be easily tweeted;

  • describe the photos - who, where, when - Google will register is as positive;

  • if you want to be kept up to date took photo with your smartphone and upload them immediately;

  • your site should load in less than 2 seconds - the user does not like to wait;

  • contact with the customers, use their ideas, turn them into the advertising process;

  • do not write on topics that you do not know, because readers will immediately recognize this and destroy you .

As one of the lecturers said “If you not exist on the Internet – it is like you did not exist at all.” As bitter as it sounds but still today it is true. Therefore, to achieve something on the Internet world you must mobilize yourself and get to work. And those who have already done so, were honored yesterday at the ceremony of awarding prizes BG Site 2013.

Here are just a few nominations and their winners for 2013 year:

  • Corporate site – StudioX

  • Media - Girls of the city

  • E-commerce – Grabo.bg

  • Blog – Fotokafe

  • Education and Science – Ucha.se

  • Web young talents - Smoth PHP Framework

  • Mobile Applications – Grabo.bg

  • Landing page - the ONE

Once again congratulations to all of the winners! We wish to the organizers endlessly new ceremonies, new nominations and new discoveries!

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