Premier of the NewBorn

And so it begins…
the long awaited day has come! Today the whole world will see the heroes for a first time, will read about their birth. Still babies but already strong and powerful, full with energy and optimism…they are coming to change the Latin world of the Internet into a new, into ours - the Cyrillic world!

And you - are you ready to meet the heroes?
What name did you choose to register on the Internet?

мой.сайт мій.сайт моят.сайт

сообщение.онлайн повідомлення.онлайн съобщение.онлайн

готин.онлайн, детский.сайт, недвижимость.онлайн, классный.сайт, игры.онлайн, винаги.онлайн, предизвикателство.онлайн, український.сайт, Василий.онлайн, Грицько.сайт, Марийка.онлайн

Be original and unique - surprise the world with new heroes . САЙТ и .ОНЛАЙН!

See the first part here.

The BIG Date: January 16th, 2014

Do not forget to mark this day in your calendar! 16 of January 2014 shows the start of new age in the history!

Are you still asking why?

Here is the answer: of course, I will speak about domains: for the first time the Cyrillic world will take a good and warm “WHOLE seat” in the hall of Internet. Not like a “half seat”, as till now by registering a domain name in Cyrillic you clearly show to the world from which region are you/your company. NO. From now on this will change!
The GENЕRIC top-level domains .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН are comming.
We already created for you the first two examples: дом.сайт and дом.онлайн.
After 16th of January everybody can follow these examples and create the name of their own webpage totally in Cyrillic using .САЙТ and/or .ОНЛАЙН.

How we separated the first dates in phases by priorities?



October 23, 2021 “marks an historic moment, not only for the New gTLD Program, but for the Internet as a whole.” (

The first 4 Top-Level Domains were officially delegated and we are among them:

  • .сайт (xn--8oaswg): Cyrillic word for “Web site”
  • .онлайн (xn--8oasehdb) Cyrillic word for “.online”
  • xn--gbc5azd - Arabic word for “Web” or “Network,” and;
  • xn--unup4y - Chinese word for “Game”

Congratulations also to .web in Arabic and .game in Chinese!


Last STEP before our BIG Start

On October 21th we received an invitation for delegetion by IANA which is the last step before being able to start operation!

Everybody speaks about the topic “First New gTLDs Get the Green Light for Delegation”. Yes! It is true! On Monday, October 21th, we were pleasantly surprised with the big news and started to fill the all kinds of forms needed for IANA. Yes, .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН are among the first 4 domains, cleared to proceed to delegation.