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Dreams come true: дом-мечты.сайт

How do you imagine your dream house? Likely most of you will say that the design is not so important - the main thing is the cozy and family-type house. But what can be more cozy than a wooden house?  So it turns that the dream home is a warm, cozy and wooden house. If you want to have such – visit the website дом-мечты.сайт (more…)

физрук.онлайн — ready to watch!

Who haven’t  heard during the last year about the new sitcom “Физрук” (tr. PE teacher), were Dmitry Nagiev is starring? It was successfully launched on the Russian TV “TNT” in April 7th, 2014. The first episode was watched by every third viewer, it was the best start and an absolute record in the history of “TNT”. (more…)

Твоятерритория.онлайн — you are not alone!

The teenagers life has never been easy, especially nowadays. There is too much freedom, but also too little attention… or vice versa. Problems occur every day, but not everyone dares to speak with parents and not every issue can be  discussed…
Though the Internet has contributed to the solution of this issue… (more…)

файл.онлайн — it can’t be easier

How often do you face the problem, when the size of the file that you want to transfer has bigger capacity than your email account allows? Or what do you do in the case the person to whom you want to send something is not online? Agree, it happens(more…)

Find your soulmate on свидание.онлайн

Inconstant and eternal…
Some people were lucky to meet her and some are looking for her all of their life and can’t find it. It is difficult…  Have you ever wondered… maybe you haven’t met your soulmate yet because she/he lives somewhere very far away and you just have no chance to meet each other accidentally? (more…)