Take An Example

Living in a fairy tale - домовой.онлайн

Have you ever thought that the world around us fills more and more with the miracles of our children’s fairy tales. Modified copies of a flying carpet are every day flying it the sky. It is not clew but the navigator helps us not to lost the way and instead of asking the magic mirror we ask the Internet. The magic becomes a reality and today we introduce you one more miracle – the modern House-elf  (rus. “домовой»)! (more…)

Be up-to-date — новости.россии.сайт

I hear more often from my friends that they don’t watch television. But at the same time they are pretty well aware of the situation in the world and of the latest news. How? Got it - Internet! Online portals for news are gradually replacing the television newscasts … And why not? It’s convenient, fast and always on hand.

Meet the Russian news website — новости.россии.сайт (more…)

Она.онлайн : What Women Want?

Men always have the same question - What Women Want? However, they haven’t found the answer yet… because every woman is unique and everyone has so many thoughts, desires and dreams that even for the computer is difficult to remember. But somehow they manage! How? Let’s try to understand by visiting the new website -  она.онлайн (tr. she.online) (more…)

Ступени.онлайн — Step to the Future!

Everyone learns the most important life lessons from mistakes. But isn’t it better to learn them while you are a child by practicing during your education? Definitely yes, because after a while when you become a grown up your mistakes are much more expensive. And one step higher, just image if you are a politician or a manager and on your decisions rely a lot of people.

So here is one super solution. Ladies and gentlemen, on your attention is the Russian public project “СТУПЕНИ” (transl. “Steps”), ступени.онлайн. (more…)

All ingenious is simple — простой.сайт

Leonardo de Vinci said - “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and as usual he was proved right. Indeed, in today’s overflowing with information world  the simple and user-friendly solutions are appreciated. But what could be easier for the customer than а simple website? (more…)