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I hear more often from my friends that they don’t watch television. But at the same time they are pretty well aware of the situation in the world and of the latest news. How? Got it - Internet! Online portals for news are gradually replacing the television newscasts … And why not? It’s convenient, fast and always on hand.

Meet the Russian news website — новости.россии.сайт

Here you can find news from many different areas such as: Politics, Business, Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Literature, Business and so on. Interesting is that this website, in addition to the traditional and expected today’s news, gives you the opportunity to digress a bit and immerse yourself, for example, in the photo archives of the Russian king’s army or of the World War II.

Did you know that in Russia the abortion are in the first place in leading cause of death?! Yes, the current statistics are also presented. And these facts also need to be known. Also here you can participate in various surveys, find quotations of famous people or just read a fresh anecdote.

It is worth considering that there is indeed a lot of information because the website has been moved on to our domain from the already known news portal.
Here is what the chief editor of “Новости России” (tr. News of Russia) share with us:

“For many years our publication was based on the domain, we have invested a huge amount in the promotion of this domain. Funds were spent to the website search engine optimization in Yandex-direct, to publish information about the domain in banner advertising on social networks, on the publication of announcements and etc.
However, we do not regret the spent money and time and decided to transfer our website to the new domain zone in Russian “.сайт”. On the one hand we have got a bit longer domain in writing, but on the other hand we have got more intuitive to understandable and easy memorable website name.

There are many elderly Internet users among our audience and these people not always can use English words, that is why our duty was to give them easy and memorable domain name. The English second level domain“newsrussia” is shorter but not always can be written correctly. The Russian words “новости.россии” are longer, but more understandable for the Cyrillic speaking people.

Another problem is the plenty of domain name’s extensions like .info, .ru, .org, .com – the target audience can remember the name of the website, but not the right extension.

Using the Russian-speaking word “сайт” we automatically eliminate all errors associated with the English-language extensions. In this case, we are not afraid to lose some of the foreign audience - we focus primarily on Russia.
We are grateful to CORE Association for the great idea - to create simple and clear Cyrillic  domain. Now the activity of the newspaper “Новости России” will develop on Internet more convenient and easy rules, rules that are understandable by every Russian-speaking person.

Unfortunately, not all mail services allow to work with the Cyrillic domain names, not all of the websites where we register our new domain allow using of Cyrillic letters, etc. But we hope these technical difficulties to be solved with the increase in the number of websites with Cyrillic domain names.”

We would like to thank to the representatives of новости.россии.сайт for such detailed and clear explanation of their choice and to wish to the project further Growth and Prosperity.
After all, news are news!

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