Soon .бг on the market

New Cyrillic domain is about to shine on the domain market. The Bulgarian Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (MTITC) announced that on the last meeting in Los Angeles ICANN approved the national Bulgarian IDN .бг (transl. bg). Congratulations, Bulgarians!

The process lasted 5 years, starting in 2009, receiving an rejection in 2010 explaining that the similarity with the Latin domain of Brasilia .br is almost 80%, going trough a lot of meetings and discussions, coming to the positive response today

So, what to expect now?
It has to be established the registry for the names of the websites, using the new top-level-domain. From the MTITC was announced that next week it will be organized a meeting between representatives of the government, the business, NGOs and academic institutions, where it will be decided which local company will be carry on the new Bulgarian Cyrillic Domain.


Owning a Cyrillic domain of your own country shows your national identity.
We are happy that our “Cyrillic family” is growing. The more, the better!
Good luck, .бг!

Be up-to-date — новости.россии.сайт

I hear more often from my friends that they don’t watch television. But at the same time they are pretty well aware of the situation in the world and of the latest news. How? Got it - Internet! Online portals for news are gradually replacing the television newscasts … And why not? It’s convenient, fast and always on hand.

Meet the Russian news website — новости.россии.сайт (more…)

NEWS: E-mail in our own language

Yesterday it was announced on the Official Gmail Blog that the issue we were fighting for so long, namely E-MAILs in OUR OWN LANGUAGE, is (almost) solved.

What does it mean?
Until now we had to use only non-accented Latin characters for signing up. But what about the people that are using non-Latin alphabets - their email address options are limited. I myself am a Bulgarian, using Cyrillic. What about me? More that 360 million people around the world are using Cyrillic. And what about Japanese, Devanagari or Arabic?