файл.онлайн — it can’t be easier

How often do you face the problem, when the size of the file that you want to transfer has bigger capacity than your email account allows? Or what do you do in the case the person to whom you want to send something is not online? Agree, it happens

So, what to do? That’s right - use file sharing. But it is a problem to find online appropriate one or to remember its name… especially for the Cyrillic speaking people.
Now it is much easier! You don’t have to remember or search something. Just write “файл.онлайн” in your browser and you are on the right website.

The website файл.онлайн is a typical file sharing system, simple and understandable to use. In addition, it is available in 17 different languages and of course - Russian is one of them.

Here are the main characteristics of the sharing services:

  • file sharing is available immediately without registering
  • download speed up to 1 Gbit/s
  • there is ability to upload, download files up to 100 GB, without registration - up to 200 MB
  • file storage 45 days from the last unique download
  • total volume and number of your files is unlimited
  • downloading files from a closest to you server
  • the possibility of a special Turbo access at higher speeds

file-online 1
Also, anyone can take part on the Partner program offered on the website, which can help the participants to get some money. In the FAQ section you will find a list of answers and explanations  for the most frequent asked questions on файл.онлайн. Furthermore, for problems you can complain to or contact with the website administrators by the feedback from.

To sum up, the website is made easy, convenient and maximally correct for usage and the most important thing – there is no chance to forget the name файл.онлайн !

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