физрук.онлайн — ready to watch!

Who haven’t  heard during the last year about the new sitcom “Физрук” (tr. PE teacher), were Dmitry Nagiev is starring? It was successfully launched on the Russian TV “TNT” in April 7th, 2014. The first episode was watched by every third viewer, it was the best start and an absolute record in the history of “TNT”.

But if you still have not followed the ups and downs of the physical education teacher with  criminal past and unique vision on live and education - visit физрук.онлайн, the website completely dedicated to this show.

Here you can find all episodes from the first season with a detailed description and without the unnecessary advertising. On this website you can get acquainted to the stories of main characters and to the actors starring in the film.

As for the fans of the sitcom – there is a goldmine of information:
- the section “Обои” (transl. wallpapers) contains pictures of the best moments of the series and not only ;)
- in the section “Музыка” (transl. Music), not typical for the video websites, anyone can download any memorable soundtrack from the show,
- finally, in the section “Новости” (transl. News) is the latest information for the episodes and a collection of unique quotes of the main character.
But, of course, the most important is a quality video with timely update of the new series.

The start of the second season is about to come, it will happen on November 10, 2021 but the website физрук.онлайн is ready to take the baton.

Don’t worry if you miss the release of the new series on TV - you know where you can find it ;)

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