Твоятерритория.онлайн — you are not alone!

The teenagers life has never been easy, especially nowadays. There is too much freedom, but also too little attention… or vice versa. Problems occur every day, but not everyone dares to speak with parents and not every issue can be  discussed…
Though the Internet has contributed to the solution of this issue…

Here is the website твоятерритория.онлайн that provides a  psychological help for teens where everyone in need can talk to a qualified psychologist anonymously and free of charge.

Moreover, твоятерритория.онлайн offers several options for communication:

  • to correspond directly with a consultant through the chat, located in the lower right corner of the screen;
  • to ask a question completely anonymously on “the Wall” and to get an answer during the day on the same “Wall”;
  • to contact to one of psychology-consultants via Skype;
  • write to a psychologist through the form on the website and receive a reply by e-mail.

The creators of the website say: “We offer you  a territory, where each consultant takes care of your safety and follows the rules: anonymity (you have the right not to tell your real name), confidentiality (privacy of correspondence), respect (every call is important and consultants take seriously what’s bothering you), free (contacting to psychological help-line is absolutely free). We are here to be close to you, when it is difficult, to try to understand and to help you.”
A list of the topics that you can speak about with a psychologist is endless, here are just a couple of the most popular and painful:
- Friendship
- Relationship
- School
- Family
- Cruelty and Violence
- Physical health
- Emotional state
- Problems with the law
- and much more - everything you want to talk.
Because sometimes a simply informal conversation with a stranger can reverse your life and to protect you from hasty and perhaps erroneous actions.

If you feel bad, if you don’t see a way out, if you feel that noone understands you, it means - you have got nothing to lose.
Just try it.
Maybe твоятерритория.онлайн is really your territory of tranquillity.

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