Legend of the Beginning

Once upon another time when..the Internet was monotonous and divided among several Latin domain names. But the people living in it were so different form each other, everybody needed individuality and wanted to express themselves on a distinct way - their own. The missed part was the possibility to use their own language on the Internet When, Where and How they wanted to use it.

The wind of change led…
the new possibility: a variety of languages to be available online. But still everything was limited and locked in one kingdom.

An old legend says that in the future will come to the world 2 heroes, that will change it forever: the new Heroes, the Heroes of the Internet Cyrillic World. Their power will be so magical: they will be able to live in every kingdom, the people will recognize them in the moment they are seen, they will be simple and accessible, “men of the people”…

A long time the world vibrated in expectation of those heroes.
And now the time has come…

TOMORROW the world would not be the same with the newborn .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН!

Expect the premier on 16th of January 2014!

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