.онлайн on the official ICANN website


In anticipation of the upcoming 54 ICANN meeting in Dublin the domain name .онлайн was marked with a special attention. After almost 2 years after the starting period of the ICANN program for new gTLDs the domain name .онлайн was the only non-Latin domain chosen among the others as an example for successful development.

It is a new initiative of the international Internet Corporation with the goal to increase awareness and raise the public interest to the new TLDs. For this purpose there is a new category called “Case Studies on the official website of ICANN, where you can find information about 17 domain names. With proud we should note that our domain names .онлайн is also among them.

If you are interested you can visit the website and to learn basic information about every of the 17th domain names, among which are also .club, .website, .xyz, .wien and .global. Moreover there are exposed stories telling about the creation period of these domain names, who stays behind them and what business objectives are pursued. ICANN proposes that this information can be used for educational purposes and also promises to increase the list with represented in the category domains.

We are grateful to ICANN for the support and the promotion of the new domain names that makes the Internet more affordable and convenient users worldwide network. In turn we are glad that the domain name .онлайн justifies the related expectations offering to the using Cyrillic people wider choice and opportunities to create websites in THEIR OWN LANGUAGE.