The business gathers in Tymen

Here we are in Russia, this time in the far Tyumen. On November 14, as a sponsor CORE sent us as representatives of .сайт and .онлайн domains to the seminar “Business on the Internet! Enhance the efficiency”. Despite its fame of cold Siberian city Tyumen greeted us without snow and also the atmosphere was very warm and friendly on the seminar thanks to the organizers and guests of the event.

As an initiative of the Russian Registrar company “Webnames” this seminar is part of a series of seminars that held in the central cities in Russia almost every month.

The Topics of the event covered various shades of “business on the Internet”. The presentations were interesting, colorful and very useful and to confirm this – the presenters had a lot of questions to answer even during the breaks.

I will not be able to briefly describe everything that we heard of the event, but here are a few key topics discussed :

  • How to choose the best domain name and how to protect it;
  • Which new Cyrillic domains await us in the near future;
  • What is IDN and how it can improve our business – our presentation there;
  • How to make your site optimally convenient and useful to our clients;
  • How to deal with the most common errors when creating contextual advertising in Yandex;
  • How to improve the SEO it on our site.

These seminars have open access to anyone who wishes to attend - every user of the Internet, anyone who wants to learn a little more about what’s new in Internet, anyone wishing to develop a better business on the Internet. You are welcome!

We live increasingly active in the Internet world. World that is changing at an incredible speed. Let us live more comfortably in it knowing better its foundations, laws, rules and staying up-to-date.

Again, good luck and thanks to all participants!

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