CORE’s team INTERVIEW: Christos Chrysou

“CORE must continue to develop and enrich the Cyrillic domain name space, reaching to Cyrillic speaking communities, partnering with them and allowing them to flourish.”, said Christos Chrysou

With a working history in CERN, now Chris is a developer working  part-time  for CORE’s projects. He likes experiments and learning new things in life. More about him and  his opinion from a technical perspective about domains world here:


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН domains:  Chris, we know that you are Greek, your wife American and now both of you live somewhere in the middle. But what was the real reason to move to Switzerland?

Christos Chrysou: Switzerland is an excellent location in Europe for business, for traveling, and for raising a family.


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН domains:  We’ve heard that as a devoted developer you are eager to find the best possible solution and to develop the project to its full potential! Actually, how started your career? Were you always passionate about the result?

Christos Chrysou: Developing projects is a very fulfilling preoccupation. I started working for the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN). Since then I have worked for companies and I have worked as an independent. I always followed my passion, this is how I ended up in Geneva.


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН domains: Now you are working for Axone and in the same time also on CORE’s projects. How will you describe your working day?

Christos Chrysou: It is hectic, hehe, there is a lot to do, and a lot of opportunities that should not be missed.


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН domains: If you were on the place of our ExCom Chair how would you introduce CORE?

Christos Chrysou: CORE is a not for profit organization, devoted to a free, open, and all encompassing internet. We are very passionate about protecting communities and their rights to self-identify, allowing them to represent themselves on the global landscape.


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН domains: Knowing about one of the most important projects of CORE - the Cyrillic domains .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН, please, tell us from a technical perspective what do you think about the future of them and the IDNs as a whole?

Christos Chrysou: IDNs are important. Communities that have no chance to participate online are marginalized and excluded from future developments. The future of .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН is intertwined with the future of IDNs.


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН domains: In your opinion, what should be done for the improvement of the technical issues regarding IDNs?

Christos Chrysou: Standardization. In this case, having the same encompassing standards for IDNs everywhere would allow different stakeholders to implement robust solutions.


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН domains: Okay, enough about work :) Please, tell us about the most important things in your life.

Christos Chrysou: Other than my family and friends, I also enjoy taking on creative challenges. Rarely a week goes by where I don’t try to make something new. It helps me to always look forward rather than backwards.


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН domains: How do you relax in your free time?

Christos Chrysou: Traveling, cooking, swimming and making friends.


.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН domains: What would you wish to yourself, CORE and the Cyrillic Domains .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН?

Christos Chrysou: CORE must continue to develop and enrich the Cyrillic domain name space, reaching to Cyrillic speaking communities, partnering with them and allowing them to flourish.

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