Ступени.онлайн — Step to the Future!

Everyone learns the most important life lessons from mistakes. But isn’t it better to learn them while you are a child by practicing during your education? Definitely yes, because after a while when you become a grown up your mistakes are much more expensive. And one step higher, just image if you are a politician or a manager and on your decisions rely a lot of people.

So here is one super solution. Ladies and gentlemen, on your attention is the Russian public project “СТУПЕНИ” (transl. “Steps”), ступени.онлайн.

The project has one main goal - to find, prepare and promote active students in the field of business, government and civil society, i.e prepare competitive talent people knowing where to go and what to do. It is an educational area for the topics related to working in student’s council and educating in higher and professional Russian institutions.

So, what “СТУПЕНИ” includes?
- seminars and trainings for personal growth and team building;
- workshops for the leaders of the student’s council;
- exhibition for the student’s  council;
- round tables;
- the intellectual game “Levels of knowledge”;
- creative, sport and other activities.

Who is it’s perfect participant?
Young people who are aspiring to grow personally and acquire knowledge; people, who care not only about themselves but also about the surrounding world.

On the website ступени.онлайн you can learn also about a traditional camp, where every spring and autumn since 2009 more than 200 young people gather together and conduct educational, creative and intellectual activities.
Of course, there you can see also the leaders, coaches and guests of the project.
If you are interested in this project, in section «Сотрудничество» you will find everything needed for collaboration. Everyone willing to study, grow and share his knowledge with others, can be a member of  «СТУПЕНИ».

“Graduates” of the project become successful in their professional and personal lives,  organizing their own projects and start-ups, working in senior positions, engaging in educational activities and so on.

If you are young, ambitious and full of energy – just try!
Maybe it will be a step into your bright future!

“The domain .ОНЛАЙН for our public project «СТУПЕНИ» was not accidentally or casually chosen. We would like to underline that our project and our team are always online. The simple name ступени.онлайн does not require any clarification”, says a representative of ступени.онлайн

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