All ingenious is simple — простой.сайт

Leonardo de Vinci said - “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and as usual he was proved right. Indeed, in today’s overflowing with information world  the simple and user-friendly solutions are appreciated. But what could be easier for the customer than а simple website?

So, welcome to простой.сайт (transl.“”), one website offering creation and promotion of websites. According to it’s creator the proposed services may be of interest to people providing consumer services (like doctors, photographers, artists, coaches, etc.), to freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Простой.сайт is exactly what it’s name. The user can easily orient on the home page. It would be odd if the website with this kind of name has a complicated and tangled platform. But, don’t compare “simple” with “cheap” and “uninspiring”. This website proves that the simplicity is convenient, fast and interesting. There is no unnecessary information distracting you from your goal, only the important data: what, how, for whom, how much?

How was created простой.сайт? By accident. The websites’ founder leads at one Russian university a course about websites creating. During one of the sessions after he showed to the students how a layout applies in practice, he created a simple pattern of a small website. A few steps more were needed for going live of the website простой.сайт. Therefore, the choice of the domain name for him was obvious.

The result is really cool! From one side it’s domain name proves once again that the adjectives perfectly combine with .сайт. From another side this website is  valuable giving users the ability to create a modern, non-standard and simple websites. Try it yourself!

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