CORE’s team INTERVIEW: Alexandre Oulevey

„.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН are easily and correctly understood by the public“, said Alexandre Oulevey

Alex has been working for CORE Association since 2004. His hobbies include rock-climbing and canyoneering. See more about his life and what strengthened his conviction that IDNs cannot be excluded from Latin’s: (more…)

CORE projects represented on Domaining Spain

The last few days of the work-week (8-10 May 2014) the Chair of the Executive Comittee of CORE Association Iliya Bazlyankov visited the annual European Conference for domain investors “Domaining Spain”. This year ‘s edition was the sixth and again it held in the beautiful Spanish city of Valencia.

Mr. Bazlyankov had the honor to give a presentation entitled “CORE and the Importance of IDN’s and the New IDN gTLD’s”. He presented the activities of the association and its major projects, which include - the new domains in Cyrillic .сайт and .онлайн, the Arabic domain .bazaar. Everyone heard that the policy of the three CORE’s TLDs  is completely open for registrations and that there is no requirement for a local presence.