Happy Birthday, .САЙТ и .ОНЛАЙН!

One year… one year passed since the launch of the registrations .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН. Despite the short period of time, many things happened. Registrations have gone through the preliminary stage, the so called “Sunrise” and in April 2014 started the free or general registration of the new domain names in Cyrillic.

During the first days was noticed a boom of registrations and as expected, most of them were made by our Russian registrars and resellers. Then monthly their number has stabilized. At the end of the first year we can say that there are over 1700 .САЙТ and over 3700 .ОНЛАЙН registrations. Launched as the first among the new ones, our Cyrillic domains maintain a leading position in the number among all new worldwide non-Latin domains.

We, as the team of .САЙТ и .ОНЛАЙН, had the opportunity and pleasure to visit Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine and of course Russia, where we have met potential customers, partners and colleagues in the industry. We have conducted presentations, interviews was taken from us, participated in seminars, conferences, meetings, workshops devoted to the most important issues for the development of Cyrillic domains on the Internet. Now we are more inspired to go forward.

On our birthday we thank to everyone who took the opportunity to create names of websites in our native language. As some of the most interesting and useful examples we can mention:

If you have not yet found your idea, especially for on our birthday we’ve prepared a video material to inspire and motivate you. And the goal is all together to unite and continue contributing to the cause “Internet in our language”.

Happy Birthday, .САЙТ и .ОНЛАЙН!

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