Our team had the good fortune to be a sponsor of the second edition of Ninjapresenter, which took place last Friday (at 14:11.) in Sofia, Bulgaria. We were listening, writing down some notes and participating actively, so now we will share some advices “from the kitchen.” with you.

Our day started with Mike Ram (owner of “In the footsteps of the Dragon”), who has extensive experience in training to better conducting of business presentations. Here’s what we’ve learn from him:

  •     first, to notice the importance of determining in advance the role of the listener: who is he? - a customer, an investor, a colleague, a business partner?
  •    then we need a clear goal: SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound);
  •     it’s great, to create emotions with examples and stories;
  •     always is better to include metaphors for example: “I sell trust”;
  •     if presented product - to have it in ourselves and to show it;
  •     our clothing is consistent with those to whom we speak, not to make a distance between ourselves and our public.

Finally, one more valuable advice about something that will be useful to do on a regular bases and not only before the presentation is to broaden our horizons with searching and collecting non-stop ideas and information about the world: statistics, ideas, links, from colleagues, from friends, from Internet, social networks, etc., do not forget - do it constantly!

Once we got the basics of the presentation, Margarit Ralev (designer and owner of RALEV.com) showed us the ins and outs for better visualization of presentations:

  •     not to overdo the emphasizing on the text : + color + bold + italic + large letters;
  •     .eps - is a universal format, recognizable by almost all programs working with vector, raster, etc . formats;
  •     always use photos with high resolution;
  •     “Choose pictures that can be associated with more channels, people, things”;
  •    “Save all your files from word to .pdf”, because it will be a danger not to read it someday with some other program or version.”;
  •     “When resizing an image start from the width and hence it’s proportion, adjusting the height. When you have the size, eg. 740 x 300, it is clear that the first number is the width.”;
  •    Google Fonts - super source for fonts “enrich their culture with them.”.

The afternoon was filled with the practical part. We’ve learned more about the body language, how to be more confident, how to deal with stage fright. Here are a few tips that we have:

  •    “low status” <-> “high status”, who want to be? If you are confident and with self-confidence about you we speak, then you will stay more relaxed (no moving constantly, head, hands, body, this speaks about weakness = “lower status”);
  •    “The tension is channeled out of focus” - said Zlatin Tsvetkov. The idea is that when all of the people in the public is watching us, the focus is on us., then we have to remove it by changing the focus;
  •    Let’s speak with GOODWILL, thinking “I’m here to help others!”;
  •    To find the positiveness in ourself, in our topic and thereby to inspire the others through our presentation!

In the end Mr. Tsvetkov reminded us: to be positive, to say more often YES, AND to the ideas comming to us, because we will be never sure whether some idea will change our life or that of the others.

So, this day of  Ninjapresenter 2014 filled with so much knowledge, skills, exercise, emotions, dating, adventure and smiles was over. Finally, even all participants were given dipomls! Congratulations!

No wonder, we recommend Ninjapresenter to every one of you, because each performance of ourselves, our product, our idea or company for which we work is a PRESENTATION.


* Thanks again Lyubomir Stoyanov (organizer of the event) for giving us the possibility to be sponsors and for the great atmosphere that you have created. Success, Lubo! We wish you a bunch more events to continue to be successful and to continue inspiring people, helping them to become better persons!

** Our  Marketing and Communications expert Tetyana Ivanova have shared before the event several tips, her experience of presenting the domains .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН  to multilingual audiences in the Russian-speaking countries and pointed her favorite inspirational examples of presenters. See the interview with her: http://ninjapresenter.com/2898/tanya/

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