ЮРИСТЫ.ОНЛАЙН : ask Your Question!

Sometimes in our life we desperately need legal advice… But the lawyer services are not so cheap… So, we start to search the answers in articles or forums online, to ask friends and friends of friends and so on….

It turns out that this problem can be solved much more easier. We present to your attention the website dedicated to legal advices, the one giving concrete answers to concrete questions. Welcome on  юристы.онлайн.

This project is designed in order to help people to find lawyers in their own region and in the same time to help lawyers find new clients. If you are in the first group, using the contact form on the home page you can ask directly. The website administrators promise an answer in 5 minute. Moreover, don’t forget to look around, all non-confidential questions are also published and maybe they will be useful to you too.

In the other sections of юристы.онлайн  you can find  valuable information about the latest news of the Russian legislation or read articles explaining legal norms in an accessible and understandable way, such as the recently adopted law “About Amending the Federal Law about the information, the information technologies and the Protection of the information” which caused recently so many comments among the bloggers.

However, even if you don’t need legal advices we still recommend you to remember the domain юристы.онлайн — maybe sometime it will be needed from you or your family and friends!

„One day I received a letter offering the new zone: .guru , it attracted my interested, but when I  visit the indicated website I’ve learned about the domain .онлайн . Since our activities mostly are carried out on the Internet I decided to buy this domain. Honestly, I believe in the increasing popularity of this domain zone and in all pros about using it on the Russian Internet.”, said a representative of юристы.онлайн

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