.САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН – Cyrillic Internet for anyone

Finally came the day! Today we celebrate our start!
Today, April 2, begins the period of “general registration” of the domains .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН. Now everyone can benefit.

The first domain names registered during the first period “Sunrise” has appeared online. They are mainly brands plus some premium names that meet specific conditions. However true registrations has just started. From now on the prices will be much lower and the requirement is only one - the domain to be entirely in Cyrillic (and how else - we are Cyrillic domains :) )

In other words, in order to register a website with the domain .САЙТ or .ОНЛАЙН you do not need to be a citizen of a specific country or to have a registered company or brand in it – the domain .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН are open to everyone. Registration is standard - for a period of 1 to 10 years. All depends on your choice and your plans.

How to make registration, you ask? Visit the website of your preferred company-registrar that you choose, then select the preferred domain (oor perhaps both of them), then follow the steps for registration.

On the other hand will do everything possible you to be most satisfied!
We raise our glasses to Your success, to Our success! Cheers!

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