общеедело.сайт: The health of the nation is obligation of everyone!

Have you ever wondered why so many people associate Russia with alcoholism? Don’t you think it is strange? Someone might say – that is because of the historical habit… But it seems to be one of the greatest delusions of history!


The Russian volunteer project “Общее дело” (transl. “Common Cause”), located on общеедело.сайт, proves that the Slavs are sober and hard-working people and that the disgusting alcoholism and smoking habits came to us from outside. The purpose of the project is

  • telling the truth about the alcohol, the cigarettes, the real consequences of drug use
  • encouraging the Russians to stop this voluntary madness of killing people for their own money
  • returning to the centuries-old traditions of sobriety that have always existed in Russia until relatively recently.


Why is it useful to visit the website общеедело.сайт?

Here you can find many perfectly made educational films about the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. These created in high quality films are so interesting and modern that when you start watching -  you can’t stop.


Here you can:

  • learn how we are manipulated with alcohol and tobacco
  • look at the Russian history in completely different way
  • think about the risks of female alcoholism, the consequences that affect children and so on
  • download posters and brochures
  • take part in the All-Russian census of sober people
  • get more information about the ongoing activities of the project
  • and of course - find associates.

Perhaps общеедело.сайт could help someone to change his destiny, or even save a life!

“We have chosen this domain name because it is a name of our project and this name is shorter and easier to remember than проектобщеедело.рф (tranlit.obsheedelo.rf)”, said a representative of общеедело.сайт

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