голос.россии.сайт : We make stars!

Russia has always been famous for its beautiful voices, but where they come from? After all, even a diamond need to be polished to shine …

Let us to tell you about one organization devoted to educating and training the future stars of the vocal singing. We are talking about the vocal studio “Бельканто” (transliterated “Belcanto”), which official website has recently appeared online with one of our domains – голос.россии.сайт

The word “Бельканто” comes from Italian “Bel Canto”, which means “beautiful singing” and as for the studio - it is a professional school of voice.

It is interesting that the people attending this school have completely different ages and professions: children and adults, opera singers and engineers, doctors and businessmen. After all, talented people are everywhere and it is important to give them an opportunity to try out themselves. But apart from the young talents with beautiful voices here you can meet also opera singers and vocalists from the Bolshoi Theatre, who are visiting the studio to develop their creative abilities.

Thanks to these amateurs and professionals the music studio prepares 4 annual concerts including different song styles: romance, Russian folk and songs about war, melodies of popular composers. The performances from the studio soloists are willingly accepted in concert halls of cultural centers and on singing competitions. Moreover, they became welcome guests in orphanages, schools and libraries.

Lora Yurievna Ivanova (the Master of the studio “Бельканто”) shared to us why she has chosen our domain for their project: “Our singers participate and win in international competitions, but not always they know well foreign languages. That is why it was so important for our studio “Бельканто” to have a domain name that would be easy to remember and easy to write. That is why we have chosen the domain .САЙТ.  Now we are confident that our vocalists will remember the website name голос.россии.сайт and find us on the Internet easily. Thank you for this opportunity! The vocalists of our studio sing in Russian and we wanted our website to express the great Russian culture.”

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