Она.онлайн : What Women Want?

Men always have the same question - What Women Want? However, they haven’t found the answer yet… because every woman is unique and everyone has so many thoughts, desires and dreams that even for the computer is difficult to remember. But somehow they manage! How? Let’s try to understand by visiting the new website -  она.онлайн (tr. she.online)

This Female Online Magazine, as the creators call it, covers a wide range of issues and problems interesting to women: starting from health, fashion and fitness, ending with the psychology for children and family relationships. Women in different age and status definitely will find here helpful information.

On the main page of the website you can see 9 categories: News, Fashion, Cooking, Beauty, Health, Weight Loss, Name Meanings, Family and Children, Relationships. Almost every category has its own subtheme, for example, in the category of  “Relationships” you can find also: Life, Love and Sex. In other words, you begin to read an article, after that you see another interesting one and you keep reading and reading.

One more thing, clicking on the category “Кулинария” (transl. Cooking) you will be transferred to the subdomain - еда.она.онлайн (transl. food.she.online), still under construction. Maybe soon we will write separate article about this project as well.

To get an overview of the topics covered in она.онлайн, you just need to visit the category “News”  and you will see all latest publications. And of course, what kind of women’s magazine can be without discussion. For this purpose on the website она.онлайн is created a forum where all registered users can share their thoughts, leave a tip or ask for help. On the right side of the screen you can see “Последние темы с форума” (transl. The latest topics in the forum) and chose the most attractive one for you. And one more bonus – clicking to the “Вконтакте” (transl. VKontakte) you can go to the devoted to the Online magazine она.онлайн page in the most famous Russian social net. We recommend you to sign up to be always updated with the latest “female” news.

To cut the long story short, Dear Ladies, let men continue to try to unravel our secrets and we will come up with new ones! But don’t forget to visit она.онлайн to have the inspiration and desire to remain so mysterious and unpredictable! ;)

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