.сайт and .онлайн brought the summer in Russia

The domain names .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН continue to travel around the world. A few days ago our team visited one of the biggest Internet Events in Russia. From 22 to 25 April 2021 the annual and now the 18th Russian Internet Forum, short “RIF+KIB 2014″ was held nearby Moscow – an event, dedicated totally on topics related to the Internet in Russia. In three days there were 9 parallel topics and almost 100 sessions. The agenda of the conference was organized on the basis of the participant`s wishes, so everybody found for himself something interesting and helpful.

The basic topis were: Internet-media, blogs, cloud services, online trading, Internet-advertisement, social media and of course new domains.

The Prime Minister of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev welcomed via his twitter channel the participants of the RIF event: “Congratulations to all participants for the opening of the RIF 2014! I wish you an interesting work and fruitful program”. In the opening speech of the director of Russian Agency of Electronic Communications (the main organizer of the event) Sergey Plugotarenko gave the great news that the number of people with Internet connection in Russia has increased and in this moment is the RUNET auditory around 68,7 mln people. He said also that one of the most important event during 2013 is the appearance of the Cyrillic on the Internet with the new domain names, among the first one of which were .САЙТ /sait/ and .ОНЛАЙН /onlain/.

This year the event was crowded again with more that 3-4 thousand people set in one main hall and tents near by. Someone will say that on an Internet event is very hard to find something fun — all of these online-services, contextual advertisements, payments systems, domain names…boring! But only those who participated on RIF can say that this is not right. There were a lot of amusement things - games, quizzes, tombola, quests, presents, photos and simply friendly atmosphere and good spirit. Every participant received new knowledge, business contacts, presents and a lot of smiles.

Bringing the SUMMER spirit and SMILES was our contribution. The stream of visitors did not stop during the whole 3 days on the booth of the new domain names in Cyrillic .САЙТ and .ОНЛАЙН. We offered to the interested ones to think about the summer and to finish the sentence: “This summer I dream about…” and so to create a summer name of website using one of our domains .САЙТ or .ОНЛАЙН. The ideas were various- beginning with “море.сайт” (see.sait), “отдых.онлайн” (rest.onlain) and finishing with - “найтиработу.сайт” (iwanttofindanewjob.saite) and “поход-на-эльбрус.онлайн“(expedition-on-elbrus.onain).

It turned out that you will never know about what dreams the person in front of you. Find out it by looking at out photo albums on our Facebook and Vkontakte pages. Maybe you can find there a picture with your smile. ;)

As a conclusion of the RIF 2014 conference we “charged” ourselves with new business contacts and satisfactions of the fruitful work but the most important - with the closest memories created with new friends, partners and colleagues.

We are looking eagerly for the event next year!

And for those of you that we have met – thank you guys, it was a pleasure for us!

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