сказки.онлайн : Once upon a time one website…

Do you like to listen tales? During our childhood we had been closing our eyes and listening fairy tales, imagining wonderful countries, animals who can talk and always cheerful heroes… No cartoon could replace the feeling when your imagination creates a fairy tale using audio or mother’s, dad’s, grandparent’s voice…

Now you can feel again this childhood memory with the website сказки.онлайн. Here you can find a lovely collection, including:

  • Russian folk tales
  • musical fairy tales
  • fables of I.A. Krylov
  • poetic works of K.I. Chukovsky
  • familiar tales from the plates Melody.

Just find your favorite one, close your eyes and enjoy it!

In addition, this is a very useful tool for the busy parents. Of course, it would be wonderful to read stories to your child every evening, but it is not always possible. Plus, from early age is important for the children to listen poems and tales. That develops their memory and ideology. Moreover, it does not spoil their vision.

Show your child сказки.онлайн and who knows - maybe soon it will quote to you YOUR favorite fairy tale ;)

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